Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday, Sunday...

Well, here it is, Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting at the rink. Freezing my fingers off, desperate for coffee but not wanting to sacrifice the lining of my stomach to concession stand coffee. Scott is playing in an Old Timer's tournament this weekend and at noon the championship game begins. Two of his teammates are flew out for warmer parts this morning and won't be playing. Another of his team mates, the former Red Wing has injured his back. Fingers crossed for them, they're going to have to play hard. Standing in the lobby Scott was drafted for another game tonight in a different league. I have no idea how many teams have rostered him. I didn't realize there were this many leagues in Flint, MI. He had just finished telling me that his knees were worn out for the weekend, but he can't say no to hockey. I don't know what he's going to do when he's REALLY an old timer.

My little 10 year old Dids was diagnosed this week with Narcolepsy. While it feels good to finally have a diagnosis after 5 years of chasing it, I'm sad for my boy. Narcolepsy is a fairly serious disability, it can prevent him from driving and precludes him from many jobs in the future. It explains a lot though, and looking back I wonder how we never saw it. So many of the symptoms can be explained by other diagnoses, simpler thing like ADHD or behavior issues. Now we find out that those behaviors were coping mechanisms, attempts to stay awake for whatever was expected of him. We're waiting for the pediatric neurologist's office to call so we can talk about treatment and what to expect. The standard medication is not approved for use in children. Another of them is GHB. Great, just what I DON'T want to give my kid...the date rape drug. :( Payton was very worried when he heard us talking about it, wanted to know what this disease he can barely pronounce is. I found some websites that break it down in terms he can understand. He's been very quiet this week, thinking and processing it all. Until I get hinm to the neurologist I don't know how else to address it with him.

Jordan started driver's training this week. My hermit child is much better socialized than I had expected. He didn't gravitate toward the other sullen, cocky teenage boys who were trying to look like they were too cool for life. Instead he gravitated to the two cutest girls in the class. They come sit with him every day. I approve, they seem like nice girls, they're including him in their conversations and he's finding he might actually have something in common with other teenagers his age. He's walking taller this week, taking a little bit more care in his appearance. It's so nice to see him blossom and find his way. He drove one day this week, he was terrified but he did okay. He said one of the other kids was way worse than him and another was way better. As soon as he gets his "pink" slip he can begin to drive with us. I use us loosely, I don' know if I'll have the guts to drive with him yet. We'll see. Hopefully he'll be as responsible of a driver as he is at home, I'm slightly terrified since I see the victims of trauma fairly regularly.

Our beloved Red Wings clinched their playoff berth this weekend in Nashville. Twenty years of playoff seasons. Love April in the D. Almost time for Scott to go on the ice, so better get in where it's cold.

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